Its Now or whenever

by USA whatever

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released March 30, 2016

Andrew Nyte: Vox, Guitar
Cris Sanchez: Guitar
Ben Pitroff: Bass
John Platter: Drums

Recorded at Kaleidoscope HQ by Chad Gardner
Mixed by Nate Furtado
Mastered by Brett Baird
Art by Angel Ramos

Thank you everyone!



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USA whatever Seattle, Washington

USA whatever is Andrew Nyte, Cris Sanchez, Ben Pitroff and John Platter. We make music.

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Track Name: Sinners Cloak
Here on my knees it's harder
to feel my mind at ease
I am a simple martyr
Depleted of self assurance
May I a taste of heaven
to feel what lies beyond
Mired in asphalt deeply
I see only what I want to see

I grit my teeth and fall into the same old...

Cover your self with polish
maybe they won't notice
that you a just a shell
hiding away your darkness

I grit my teeth and fall into the same old...

The sinners cloak will keep you safe
the sinners cloak will make them go away
Track Name: Concrete
You're falling apart
Over a simple thing
I won't take any part
no sorry no sympathy
I'm lying on the side
where primrose green connects to gray
my face is still the same

I don't want to go where you're not!
take my bones into the sea
just to help you come ashore
I can feel your pulse ignite again

You have a heart that's made of stone
I'm made of porcelain and bone
I'll break in two before I shatter
I cannot take this kind of punishment again
Track Name: Hannah
If you only knew
all the people looking out for you
you would hear them say
we're not happy unless you are too
I'm sorry you're stuck in a rut
an the only way out is to keep digging down
you can bet
that all of us will come on down and dig with you

If I only knew
That the depth of all my love for you
would so soon arise
just as soon as your eyes met with mine
So much time I spent underground
I'd forgotten what it's like above the soil brown
you can bet
That anytime you need me I will dig with you.

There is nobody else like you